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My hoard on Imgur

My Rayman playlist

It's worth experimenting with dates, languages and the "site map" function on Wayback Machine.

Official sites English French (seems pretty broken to me) (warning, loud music) French Version (I seem unable to use either)

Rayman Origins Blog USA

Rayman Origins Blog UK

Raymanzone, 2006

Raymanzone Forum, 2005, 1997! Rayman 1 is under "games"

Video Game Journalism

Arcade Attack, Frederic Houde (Ubisoft) – Interview

Gameblog, Notre interview de Michel Ancel à l'exposition Jeu vidéo Art Ludique (French, duh)

Retrogamer, The Making of Rayman

Polygon, Rayman’s lost SNES prototype is available to download

Ubisoft staff websites

This is their personal stuff and isn't officially released by Ubisoft.

Christophe Messier. Origins. Legends.

Eric Peletan. Instagram

Floraine Marchix. Blogspot

Jean-Brice Dugait. Artstation

Manuel Hauss. Pinterest

Michel Ancel. Instagram