Andre the Black Lum

André or Andy is the main antagonist of Rayman 3. He is the leader of the Hoodlum Army. His plan was to rule the Glade of Dreams, but he instead was swallowed by Globox. Like Hoodlums, he enjoys Plum Juice, fermented that is. He is very cruel and tends to make insults to Rayman, such as calling him "Lame-man" and "blondie". He torments Globox by forcing him to drink Plum Juice, even though Globox is allergic to it. He is probably the most violent villain in the series.


Despite his size, André has shown to have superstrength (he can lift Globox in the air for a short time inside his stomach and pull open the doors far enough to fit through). André is the only blacklum with limbs, he also can transform redlums into a blacklum with just a touch.  

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

André is the main antagonist of this game. André starts by transforming Red Lums into Black Lums. Once enough had turned, he and the others combine, and Andre becomes the very first Hoodlum. Rayman confronts him in Fairy Council, and with the help of Murfy, defeats him. But Globox accidentally swallows André when the Black Lum was trying to reach The Heart of the World.

For the majority of the game, Andre is trapped inside Globox's stomach, taunting Rayman, seeing doctors and forcing Globox to drink plum juice.After the three doctors team up to release André, he escapes before they can contain him, gathers a swarm of Black Lums and then makes an alliance with Reflux. After Reflux is defeated, André is turned into a Red Lum. In the end Globox misses André, who has seemed to have grown an attachment to André, calling him "Andy" as his own nickname, so Rayman assured Globox that André is much more happy as a Red Lum. The scene then goes to earlier, when Rayman's hands wander off and frightened a Red Lum, which turns into André.

Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge

In this direct sequel to Rayman 3, a small piece of André is still inside of Globox. He begins to take over Globox's body and his horde of hoodlums attempt to clone Reflux.


  • André has a few lines that seem to involve food or dinner. For example, when Rayman is about to fight the Hoodstomper, he says "Look who's coming to dinner!" And just before he [Rayman] fights Reflux, André says "I told you I would serve Rayman on a platter, bon apetit!!". This could mean Andre is a little too malicious with Rayman, as he insults him with insults that either involve Rayman's name, or the color of his ears.
  • In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, inside the fairy council, he says to a fairy, "Buzz off fairy! Zelda needs you!!" in an angry tone. This is a reference between The Legend of Zelda and Rayman 3, as the word "Zelda" is in his sentence, since Ubisoft pairs up with Nintendo to make the Rayman series. 
  • The name 'André' means 'Andy' in French. 
  • Himself and the other hoodlums resembles the characters from the game 'Badlands'.