Rayman and first mask

Rayman receives the first mask after defeating axel

Axel and foutch

Axel and Foutch


Axel prepares to fight rayman

Axel is the first guardian encountered in Rayman 2, and possibly the easiest. He is encountered after sliding on the ice slide in the Sanctuary of Water and Ice. (Whale Bay in other games) In the PlayStation 1 version of Rayman 2, he speaks, saying that Rayman's name means nothing to him and that only his courage and bravery can win Axel's heart.


When the fight begins, one will notice that there are purple lums everywhere. The player must swing on them until they reach Axel. (Avoiding his ice shards along the way.) When the player reaches him, they must shoot the stalactite and Axel will be destroyed. Then, after climbing through the waterfall, and going up the stairs, the player receives the first mask.


  • Axel seems to be the blue counterpart to Foutch and shares the same design as Grolem 13.
  • This is the music heard when fighting Axel and Foutch [1].
    • Interestingly enough, the Blue and Yellow Pyramids the Spheres must be placed on are of the same shape, colour and luminosity as Axel and Foutch's heads, meaning that they are connected to guardians.
      • Even more interestingly, Jano's area, The Cave of Bad Dreams, also has these pyramids, which could mean that Jano is probally the gaurdian of Nightmares as well as the Elixor.


Axel: Who is it that dares disturb the tranquility of this place?

Rayman: Um... I'm Rayman.

Axel: Rayman? The name means nothing to me. What do you want?

Rayman: I need the four masks to bring Polokus back. This are last chance to get the pirates away!

Axel: How am I to know you're not simply a thief? Only your strength and bravery can convince me. PREPARE TO FIGHT!!!!