As the name suggests, the entire world is music themed. The actual Band Land is only found in Rayman 1 as the second world. The world also reminds of the second world of the Gameboy Color Adaption of Rayman 1, Airy Tunes. It is very similar to an environment in Rayman Origins called the Desert of Dijiridoos. Since it is considered to be a fan´s favourite it was a part of Rayman 4 (cancelled prototype).

Rayman 1

There are four areas in this game, plus one Save Point. The areas are Bongo Hills, Allegro Presto, Gong Heights, and Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo. Because of the first level "Bongo Hills" having 5 scenes and making it almost the longest level in the game, many fans have considered this level to be the hardest with Space Mama´s Crater and Eat at Joe´s, also possibly due to the tricky course in scene 5 and the frustrating lightning in scene 4. In "Allegro Presto" Rayman meets an environment full of slippery and tiny platforms. At the end of the level he is running right into Mr. Sax, the Boss of the world. After a short fight he runs away and Rayman meets Betilla, the Fairy again who tells him things wouldn´t get any easier and gives him the power to use his hair as a helicopter. From there on the world map splits and Rayman can either visit Gong Heights or Twilight Gulch, the first area of the third world. "Gong Heights" is an area full of red monks that carry tiny Bongos that Rayman is supposed to take as platforms to make his way through the level. "Mr. Sax´s Hulabaloo" is the final area of the world where Rayman encounters Mr. Sax another time. This time he attacks him with a lot of wrong notes and starts to chase him until the only way Rayman can take leads down, right into an arena. Here the second phase of the fight takes place.


Band Land's scenery is filled with musical instruments, and chirpy music plays in the background. Some levels have a dark blue background, the others creamy red. Mystical slow music plays while adventuring those with a red one.

Unique Terrain/Obstacles

Band Land also has some hazards that can cost Rayman a few lives. Note: These will not include normal walking terrain like the drum tops, that do nothing.


Rayman is a great, brave hero, but even he needs some help.


Although Band Land looks like a nice, bright place, it of course has its share of enemies. They are:



One thing to note is that the game actually only checks for cages and not for bosses. That allows the player to intentionally die on the first screen of the Mr. Sax´s Hulabaloo after getting all the cages on it and walking through the exit sign without missing game progress.

There is a well known glitch in the Bongo Hills which allows you to skip most of the level with the maracas without missing out on cages. It is called the Zip. If the player did a tap jump to the left where Rayman is standing on the picture "Setup for the zip" and ducks directly after landing on it again Rayman is set into a weird state and the game doesn´t know what to do. So it makes Rayman insanely quickly go all the way up to the end sign although there is a solid wall.


Band Land's Main Theme: