Electoons as they appear in Rayman Origins

Electoons are the inhabitants of Rayman's world. They have pink, round bodies and, like Rayman, they are limbless. They spend most of their time playing and singing. They have some sort of a connection with the Great Protoon Orb. Like the Orb, they, too, were kidnapped by the evil and mysterious, Mr. Dark. There is another type of Electoons and these are the Anti-Toons. They resemble the Electoons, but are black in color and particularly not very nice. They attack by biting. Rayman is made of Electoons, this is made clear if Rayman dies in Rayman 1. During the events of Rayman 1 Mr. Dark traps all of the Electoons in several locked cages throughout Rayman's world, most in hidden and hard to reach places. However, Rayman has to collect them all, or else he will be unable to get inside the Candy Chateau.

Electoons re-appear in Rayman Origins where they are again trapped in locked cages, following Rayman and crew's imprisonment and The Bubble Dreamer's descent into insanity, and are needed to cure said insanity. By collecting enough Electoons, players can unlock costumes in the Snoring Tree, as well as Tricky Treasure levels and special levels revolving around Electoons.


  • "Electoon" is derived from "electron", the negatively charged particles orbiting an atom.
  • Although Electoons have pink bodies and a ponytail, their gender appears to be a female.
  • In the GBC version of Rayman 1 when the Elections trick Rayman by disguising as Mr. Dark, their body colour has mistaken that it is red instead of pink.