Rayman's signature ability in the games has always been his Fists.

Rayman 1

In Rayman 1, Rayman started out with only the abilities to jump, walk, crouch, crawl, climb and do the Grimace ability, which in this game, is just a funny face with a gargling noise that frightens explorers. The Fist ability is gained after beating the second level of The Pink Plant Woods, which is the first area in the game, found in the land called The Dream Forest. Betilla will give you the power, and you must punch the Plum on the right so Rayman can jump on it, which leads to the exit. If Rayman charges his fist by holding the attack button, the fist flies out further. In Rayman 1, with the Fists ability, you can:

  • 1. Defeat enemies
  • 2. Free Electoons
  • 3. Punch Plums
  • 4. Punch Ying Yang Balls
  • 5.Grab Extra Lives

Rayman 2: The Great Escape/DS

Ly the Fairy gives him the power back after losing it to the Robo-Pirates. Instead of punching, Rayman used his fists to shoot energy balls, called the Magic Fists.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, Rayman actually doesn't have his Fists at the beginning of the game. He uses a kick to replace it for a while.

Rayman with no hands

After finding Globox, Rayman gets his fists back. In this game, Rayman can move and charge his fists simultaneously, unlike in Rayman 2. Orange lines appear around Raymans hand which indicates that his fists are fully charged.

Rayman, throwing his fuly charged fist.


Rayman, curving his punches.

Powerups in Rayman 3

There are also Fist powerups in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, which are found in cans dropped by Hoodlums. They are:

  • Vortex - Green - changes fists to small energy twisters
  • Heavy Metal Fist - Red - upgrades fists to metal composure and makes them much more powerful
  • Lockjaw - Blue - fists turn to metal claws and become attached to Rayman through a chain
  • Shock Rocket - Orange - one of the fists turn into a rocket
  • Throttle Copter - Yellow - places a hellicopter on top of his head, (not involved with hands)

Rayman 2: Revolution

In this Sony PlayStation 2 remake of Rayman 2, Rayman is actually able to punch with his fists instead of shooting at the beginning of the game. The Teensies, however, change this power to shooting after being rescued.

Rayman 3 GBA

In The Game Boy Version Of Hoodlum Havoc, Ly Can Give Rayman The Power To Have Fists Capable Of Breaking Steel.


In Rayman 1 and 3, it looks as if Rayman is shooting fists out of his hands. This problem is fixed in the GBA games excluding Rayman Advance.

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