foutch residing in his sanctuary

Foutch is the guardian of the third mask and resides in the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. In the PlayStation 1 version of Rayman 2, he speaks. He first knocks Rayman out and then calls him a mask thief. Rayman realizes that Foutch has gone crazy and prepares for the fight.


Foutch starts of the battle between him and Rayman by chasing you around the circular room in which he resides. Along the way there are bouncy spiders webs, Rayman must jump on these whilst Foutch is under one of the bridges in the room, and, in a similar manner to the way the player must fight Axel, Rayman must shoot down stalactites to do damage to Foutch. Repeat this process several times and Foutch will be defeated, and like with Axel, his destroyed body will release a purple lum, which Rayman must swing onto and jump from onto the bridge that will lead the way to Mask.


  • Foutch shares a resemblance to Axel and Grolem 13, suggesting that they are of the same species, a Grolem.
  • Foutch is the only Grolem that has a color other than blue.
  • The Fight with Merlock in the PC version of "Donald Duck Quack Attack" is extremely similar to fight with Foutch. This, however, could be due to the fact that Ubisoft was one of the designers for that game.


Rayman: You! You're the guard, is that right?

Foutch: Yes! And you, are you Rayman, the mask thief?!

Rayman: I'm not a thief! I need the masks. To rid the world of the robot pirates.

Foutch: Well, I say you are a thief! A thief and a liar, to boot! PREPARE TO DIE!!!!

Rayman: But, he's completely crazy!