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John Leguizamo (Rayman 3) Douglas Rand (Rayman Origins, Rayman legends)

Globox is Rayman's slap-happy best friend, who sticks by him in many of his adventures. He is from a species called Glutes, and is frightened by many things that happen to him during the game. Globox is a kind being with blue skin and a wide, frog-like mouth. He is the sidekick of Rayman and has a rather crazy attitude and personality. He is voiced by John Leguizamo.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Globox makes his first appearance in Rayman 2. At the beginning of the game, Globox is trapped in a Robo-Pirate cell along with Rayman, where he gives Rayman a Silver Lum that was given to Globox by Ly. The Silver Lum gives Rayman back his ability to throw his fists, an ability that he then uses to break himself and Globox out of their cell. Later on in the game, Globox gets captured by robo-pirates, and Rayman frees him, then Globox helps Rayman through the rest of the level by doing a rain dance, summoning rain clouds. Also on that level, Globox gives Rayman another Silver Lum, giving Rayman the ability to charge up energy in his fists, making the unleashed punch farther ranged and more damaging. Near the end of the game, Globox gets captured again, this time by Razorbeard, who uses him as bait to lure Rayman to his ship. Rayman defeats Razorbeard and destroys his ship, and Globox somehow survives the ships destruction. He is then seen in the last cutscene, along with many other characters, mourning Rayman's death as Rayman returns. Throughout the game, his wife and many kids are also seen. The player can read about how Globox was created by Polokus for amusement in a special area after getting enough Yellow Lums.

Rayman Arena

Globox plays a minor role in Rayman Arena as one of the racer/fighters. When he floats, he will swell up, similar to how he would in Hoodlum Havoc. He had many alternate costumes, including a watermelon skin, a gigantic cherry costume, and even a Rayman outfit.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc


Globox's appearance in Rayman 3. He is in reaction to plum juice, which he is allergic to.

Globox appears at the beginning of Hoodlum Havoc trying to save a sleeping Rayman who is being hunted by Andre. While Globox was trying to pull Rayman up a tree, Rayman's head, feet, and torso fell to the ground, while Rayman's hands remained in his hands. Globox then fled and hid in an empty barrel, where Rayman soon found him and got back his hands. Not too long later, Andre (in his blacklum form) accidentally goes down a screaming Globox's mouth. For most of the game, Andre is in Globox's body, while Rayman tries to find a doctor that can take Andre out of Globox.

Hoodlums try to kill Rayman so that they can capture Globox and brutally purge Andre from Globox's body (presumably without much care towards Globox's own health). Andre also forces Globox to nourish him with Plum Juice, which he loves, but Globox is allergic to. The allergic reactions cause Globox to:

  • Swell up and float around like a balloon(Globox can also do this in Rayman M as well to temporarely fly)
  • Gain a sudden, temporary boost of athleticism (which he uses to save a drowning Rayman)
  • Temporarily become unusually brave, move around strangely, and burp out gigantic purple bubble which can be used like platforms.

Globox promoting Rayman 3.

Globox does not perform the rain dance in Hoodhum Havoc nor does his family make an appearance in the game.

Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge

This is the first platformer in which Globox is a playable character. He is usually used for turning on switches so Rayman could get to certain places. He still drinks plum juice, which causes him to have allergic reactions. (however they are not quite as bad as in Rayman 3)

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Although Globox does not appear in the console version of this game, his local kids appear in the game, who have been kidnapped by the Rabbids. Rayman's main focuses are to escape and to save the Globox kids, who have also had a slight makeover. He does, however, appear in the GBA version, in the first level, along with the Teensies, considering you choose to rescue them.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

While Globox again does not physically appear in this game, his name can be seen on the leaderboards for minigames, along with other characters from the Rayman series, including Murfy.

Rayman Origins


Globox as he appears in Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins, Globox is a selectable character. Globox also has two costumes, those being Red Globox and Glombrox.

Rayman and the Teensies have costumes that change their color schemes to the pattern on Globox's skin color, those being Raybox and GlobTeen.

Rayman Legends

In Rayman Legends, Globox fights alongside Rayman as a multiplayer character, and an alternate costume for single players, much like how he had appeared in the last game. Globox also has numerous costumes for players to choose from, much more than in the last game.

  • Globox (default)
  • Sir Globrax: Also functions as a default skin for the fifth player in the Wii U GamePad levels.
  • Red Globox (Unlocked by collecting 14,000 Lums.)
  • Glombrox (Unlocked by collecting 75,000 Lums.)
  • Globolk (Unlocked by collecting 350,000 Lums)
  • Poglox (Unlocked by collecting 500,000 Lums.)
  • Glob Plumber (Wii U and Nintendo Switch Exclusive)
  • Glob Cell (Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch Exclusive)


  • Globox is an expert in the art of Fung-Ku.[1]
  • Globox's real name is Globber, as that could have been his child name back when he was still a younger Glute, and before he met Rayman.
  • In the European trailer of Rayman Origins, the narrator told that Globox is Rayman's blood-brother, though Rayman and Globox aren't the same species. It could, however, just emphasize how close they are as friends, to point of having a brotherly relationship.
  • In Rayman 2/Rayman 3D, Globox's scream is sort of a gasping/wheezing noise, rather than what Rayman's scream sounds like. Globox could have that scream, but deeper pitched than Rayman's.
  • There is a Tamagotchi character named Keropyontchi, that looks almost the same as one of Globox's and Uglette's offspring.
  • Globox is a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • Due to the fact Globox and his species have flippers and frog-like mouths,Globox and his species could be amphians.
  • In Rayman 2: The Great Escape - Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, his flippers appeared to be connected to his bottom body but later, his flippers became to be floating.
  • His voice sounds gurgly because he maybe has water inside his mouth.[2]
  • He was found in Rayman 2 The Great Escape and onwards excluding from Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.
  • Globox was actually originally red by turned blue following an accident.[3]

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