The Green Jewel is an item found in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It is the best treasure in the game, as it's point value is much, much greater than the Gold Jewel and Red Jewel. As the Red Jewel is only worth 30 points, the Green Jewel takes a huge jump, and is worth 1,500 points! There are only a handful of Green Jewels in the game, and they are in only secret areas or Teensie Cages, that more experienced players will find. The Green Jewels are either found alone, or surrounded by Red and Yellow Jewels. There is actually a Green Jewel in the third boss fight with the final boss in the Tower of Leptys. It is found inside the arena that you fight on. To get to it, you most hover downwards, while risking your life, and try to land on the small edge. There will be a path that leads to a lone Green Jewel.

Green Jewel