Heavy Metal Fist is the second powerup found in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. The Heavy Metal Fist powerup can be found in a red can, and likewise, it turns Rayman's clothes red, and adds a blue color and spikes to Rayman's fists. The Heavy Metal Fist is the third shortest lasting powerup in the game, as it only allows the needed time to break down a Hoodlum shaped door, or defeat an enemy, however, doubles the damage given by a single shoot of the fist, break things that are too hard to crack by a non-Heavy Metal Fist powerup punch or break piggy banks by a single shoot. However when battling Reflux , its short timespan was increased to the timespan of the Vortex powerup. This powerup is first found in Clearleaf Forest.


Rayman with Heavy Metal fist Powerup & combat fatigue

There's a damage formula in the fists:

1 normal punch of a HMF = 2 punches of a fist w/no HFM

2 normal punches of a HFM = 4 normal punches of a fist w/no HFM

1 medium fist charge of a HFM = 1 full charged fist w/no HFM

2 medium fist charges of a HFM = 4 full charged fists w/no HHFM

1 full charged fist of a HFM = 1 full charged fist and 3 full charged fists w/no HFM

2 full charged fists of a HFM = 1 Nuke Punch(6 full charged fists w/no HFM)