Rayman using the Helicopter in Rayman 2: The Great Escape

The Helicopter is Rayman's third major power. When active, Rayman uses his hair as a helicopter. This power is great when making long jumps, or to fall slower to the ground and (if you're playing Rayman 3) prevent damage.



In Rayman, Betilla the Fairy bestows upon Rayman this unique ability.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

The Helicopter is the only power that the Robo-Pirates didn't take away.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

At the beginning of the game, Murfy explains to Rayman how to use the Helicopter.


Rayman using the Helicopter

Rayman 3

Rayman has the power from the beginning of the game, however it wears off after a few seconds, unlike Rayman 2 and Hoodlum Havoc and similar to Rayman 1.

Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge

Murfy explains again how to use it. Rayman responds by saying that he's been able to use the Helicopter "his whole life" and already knows.

Rayman Arena

This ability is unique to Rayman and, of course, Dark Rayman. It is basically the "hovering" technique, similar to Tily's flying or Globox's swelling.

Rayman: The Animated Series

In the TV series, Rayman uses his the Helicopter to rescue himself, LacMac, Betina, and Cookie from falling off a cliff. For some reason, he can fly using the Helicopter (but only for a few seconds before it ended up failing on him and they all ended up falling anyway), which leads fans to believe he was using the Super Helicopter.

Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins, Rayman must rescue Holly Luya in the Desert of Didgeridoos. Upon saving her, Rayman receives the ability to fly.

The Super Helicopter

A rare version of the Helicopter can be used at least one way in every Rayman platformer. This version allows Rayman to actually fly through the air using his helicopter hair.

Rayman 1

It is first obtained temporarily in Rayman 1 after Rayman helps The Musician out with a favor. Rayman retrieves the Musician's guitar from inside a rock, and in return gets a potion containing the Super Helicopter. It reappears in Picture City almost out of nowhere.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Rayman revisits this wonderful power in the 1999 sequel. Ly the Fairy gives Rayman this ability when he finds a sea of lava that is impossible to cross on foot. It is, like Rayman 1, temporary and can only be used in the level it is obtained.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The Super Helicopter is received a much different way in this game. Instead of getting it from the use of a magic potion or from a fairy, Rayman can fly freely with the use of the Throttle Copter can. This powerup only lasts a few seconds, but can be rebooted by touching the can again. This is used to cross large gaps or to reach tall heights. It is present in almost every world of the game.

Rayman 3 (gameboy advance)

Deep inside of a volcanic level, Rayman finds a large Blue Lum. This lum allows Rayman to use the Super Helicopter. There are also small Blue Lums that wear off after a few seconds, so Rayman must collect them regularly in order to stay airborne.

Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge

The Super Helicopter is received once again through the use of the Throttle Copter. In this game, however, you can not go higher or lower using the helicopter, and it is only used to cross large gaps, unlike the previous games.

Rayman: The Animated Series

Rayman may have used this power to rescue himself and his friends, as he was flying instead of just hovering.