A Hoodblaster, also known as Hoodmonger, is an enemy in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. They attack with their guns, but will hit Rayman with it if he gets too close. They carry two types of weapons. They are able to block Rayman's punches if he aims straight at them, only curved punches or the Heavy Metal Fist power up can take them out.

also known as "Hoodmonger Private First Class" when a player pauses the game while targeting them. 

Andre took an appearance of a Hoodblaster before being defeated by Rayman in The Fairy Council.

 As a Bonus feature in Rayman 3, a number of videos called Wanna kick Rayman can be won, it features a Hoodblaster that shows the audience entertaining ways on how to kill Rayman.