The Hoodoo is a Hoodlum that doesn't fight physically. He basically stays invisible, except when he tries to shield his brethren from Rayman's attacks. They are often with groups of 2-4 other Hoodblasters with the exception of Hoodlum Headquarters, where Hoodoos protect a Spineroo and a Heckler. In addition, the game will also often glitch during the Heckler/Hoodoo fight, the Hoodoo will be invisible and still cast a shield around the Heckler. Rayman will take damage and after being shot by the Heckler the Hoodoo will act normally again. Also, when you get close to the Spineroo, the Hoodoo will cast a shield around it continuously, even if you don't attack it. There are two times where the Hoodoo fights aren't like the others: in one fight, in the Tower of the Leptys, there are two Hoodoos, one protecting the first one and the first one protecting a Hoodstyler. The second case is in the The Summit Beyond the Clouds, where a Hoodoo is shielding a Teensie cage. (There is also a glitch where if you attack the cage repeatedly you will break it and the Hoodoo will disappear forever, whether or not he was killed.)

Hoodoos are the only Hoodlums to have extragavant clothing and use their magic to its full potential. They are usually accompanied by a catchy theme song during the fight. This song is arguably the most favorite song from the Rayman franchise.