Inspector Grub

Inspector Grub

Inspector Grub is a dog-like humanoid from Rayman: The Animated Series. He serves as the main villain from No Parking to Big Date. In LacMac Napping, he is hired by Rigatoni to track down and capture the main characters. Although he is a main villain, Rayman notes that he is just doing his job. His apartment is right under Rayman's, making it very easy to capture them, however he is not aware of this. LacMac discovers a hole in the ground of their apartment in Big Date, allowing them to spy on Grub.


  • Grub may be the same species as Count Razoff, and is still up to debate among fans. Unlike Razoff though, Grub has larger eyes and rounded nose with green stripes on it, whilst Razoff has smaller eyes & flattened nose.
  • His last name 'Grub' means to rummage and the word means to search thoroughly plus it shows that he detects criminals.


"Hey, stop right there, all of you!"

"When I find you and I will find you, it's back to the circus for you."

"Wait, where's the floppy one?" (Referring to Rayman or LacMac)