The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams

Jano, the Guardian of The Cave of Bad Dreams

"A terrifying monster whose job it is to guard the place where the creatures generated by Polokus' nightmares are, and make sure they are locked away" - Rayman Revolution instruction manual.

Jano, also known as the Guardian of The Cave of Bad Dreams is an enemy in Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its subsequent remakes in the level: The Cave of Bad Dreams. While not necessarily malevolent, Rayman is forced to battle this creature in order to retrieve the Elixir of Life for a mortally wounded Clark. The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams is characterized by its top hat (similar to Polokus's)and its skull staff, in which the Elixir is stored. In the GBA version of Rayman 3, he is referred as Jano, which is believed to be his secondary or real name. His name is sometimes confused with Eig, as the 'F1' section of the PC version of Rayman 2 says that Eig likes to drink the fermented brews from the Marshes of the Awakening- and the only two known inhabitants of the Marshes are Sssssam and him, but Eig is a different character all together.

Rayman 2: Revolution

Jano was seen in Rayman Revolution guarding the Cave of Bad Dreams (hence his name) in the Marshes of Awakening. When you first encounter him, the name of the Cave of Bad Dreams was not told to you, and you must know its name to enter. You are told the name when Clark tells you to go get the elixir, which you must do. Jano lets you enter, and you must beat him to the end in order to get the prize, and he gives you a head start. After that, you come upon a room full of gold, and Jano lets you choose whether or not to accept the treasure. If you don't, he'll give you the elixir. If you do, a clip is shown of an obese Rayman on a private island surrounded by gold, and "The End" is shown on the screen. However, this is just a fake ending, and this will go in a continuous loop if you keep accepting, until you finally decline the offer. Once declined, he gives you the elixir, and you must go back to Clark and give it to him.

Rayman 3 GBA

Jano GBA

Jano is fought again as the second of four bosses in this game. After Ly gives Rayman the power to climb up between walls at the end of Vertiog Wastes she says "One more thing Rayman: watch out for Jano, he´s sided with Razor Beard and the dark lum.". After a long level called Void of Bones Rayman encounters the enemy he has been told to watch out for. The battle takes place in Jano's Nest, a level in the second world of the game, the Haunted Dreams. When Rayman sees Jano, he quickly grimaces which Jano responds to by shooting fireballs out of his staff and conjuring skulls out of the air as in Rayman 2. Again Rayman is supposed to chase Jano across the screen until he gives up. In this game, it is possible to hurt Jano by punching him although he doesn´t have a health bar and it will not help Rayman to defeat him. Instead he will make a painful sound and turn invisible for a short time. After that he will start shooting more fireballs.


Once the fight is over, Rayman demands to know where André is, and Jano tells him that André and has gone off to the Magmacosm, the third world of the game, with Admiral Razorbeard. Jano acts like he would wish Rayman good luck, and Rayman leaves.