LacMac imprisoned by Rigatoni

LacMac is a humanoid bunny-like creature that appeared as a main character on Rayman: The Animated Series. He talks in third person, and is quite strong as shown in LacMac Napping. His blue color and dim-witted personality may be based on that of Globox. Personality wise, LacMac can act quite childish, verging on dumb, and is quite ditzy, nearly always oblivious to the world around him. He also has a remarkable ability to recover from stress in record timing. LacMac is also extremely friendly to those around him, leading to fan-originated questions about his intelligence and even his sexuality. There are hints across the series that LacMac may have a crush on Betina but this is never really looked into.


  • LacMac was voiced by Danny Mann.
  • In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, the Land of the Livid Dead, there is a secret room accessible from the hallway Globox drinks plum juice & burps a bubble for Rayman to bounce on. In the room, there are several transparent blocks with Teensies in them(though not all). One of them has a figure looking identical to LacMac in one of them.
  • Before Lac-Mac was quite strong, Cookie gave him a metal stick and told him to make a dog. He gave it to Rayman but he couldn't reshape it because it was made out of cast iron steel and he and Betina said that LacMac was strong. After that, Rayman told him to bend the bar to escape himself, Cookie, Flips, Betina, and Rayman plus Betina told Flips to make silly faces in the surveillance camera which sees the imprisoned circus slaves. At last, they left the circus and went to town.


"LacMac... sad"

"LacMac... wants free"

"Flips... in car"