A Lum is bug-like species in the Rayman universe. They each have different abilities.


Lums have an appearance of a Firefly, due to their illuminous faces and wings. Though they have a cutesy/crazy appearance, they look like fireflies even though they turn red.


Lums are portrayed as fun-loving creatures, constantly cheering, singing and dancing to music if not creating their own. Their voices portray them as child-like.

Yellow Lums

Yellow Lums are collected in Rayman 2 to restore the Heart of the World. They are the most basic of all lums. They reappear in Hoodlum's Revenge as collectibles and score-boosters. In Rayman Origins, players can collect Lums, and if enough are collected at the end of the level, players can get 2 Electoons and a Lum Medal. In Rayman Legends, players can unlock new costumes by collecting thousands upon thousands of Lums. Players can gain more Lums by growing in Levels of Awesomeness to recieve bonuses from reaching new levels, as well as clearing the Living Dead Party Gallery, scratching Lucky Tickets, and collecting Creatures.
Yellow Lum

A Yellow Lum

Super Yellow Lums

Super Yellow Lums are the same thing as Yellow Lums, but are worth five of them.

A Super Yellow Lum

In Rayman: Revolution, these don't exist at all, yet the manual states that they do.

Red Lums

Red Lums are collected in Rayman 2, Rayman 3, and Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge. They restore health when used. One was turned into Andre when Rayman's loose hands scared it. In Rayman Origins red lums are worth twice as much as yellow lums.
Red Lum

A Red Lum

Blue Lums

Blue Lums are used in Rayman 2 to breathe longer underwater. Air Bubbles made by Carmen the Whale have the same use, but are highly more effective.
Blue Lum

A Blue Lum

Green Lums

Green Lums are used in Rayman 2 as checkpoints. When Rayman dies, he is either brought to the beginning of the level or to where he obtained the last Green Lum.
Green Lum

A Green Lum

Purple Lums

Purple Lums are very important in Rayman's universe. They allow him to swing from one platform to another by punching or shooting at them. They are present in every Rayman platforming game, but Rayman Origins, and in Rayman Arena.
Purple Lum

A Purple Lum

Silver Lums

Silver Lums are created by fairies to bestow magical powers. In Rayman 2, Ly gives Rayman his powers through these. Globox usually delivers them by holding them in his mouth. So far, they have given Rayman the power to shoot with his fists, use the helicopter, swing from the Purple Lums, and charge the power of fists.
Silver Lum

A Silver Lum

Black Lums

Black Lums are vicious, twisted lums that have been turned evil. They are originally Red Lums that have been scared to death. Andre is the leader of all black lums. They can turn into Hoodlums, black lums that wear hoods, hence the name. Hoodlums have a wide variety of forms, usually carry guns, and are the main foes in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.


  • Lums sort of resemble fairies from some games in Legend of Zelda series, as they both are glowing orbs with wings.
  • Lums are pronounced like part of the word "Illumination", rather than "dumb".