Mr Sax




Note Attack
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Band Land:
Final level of Allegro Presto
Final level of Mr Sax's Hullabaloo


Boss Enemy



Mr. Sax

Mr. Sax in Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo

Mr. Sax is the Second boss encountered in the original Rayman game; Mr. Sax is seemingly in charge of Band Land during Mr. Dark's coup. Like the other inhabitants of Band Land (save for the cricket enemies), Mr. Sax is a sentient instrument, in this case a gigantic saxophone.

He is first seen at the last level of Allegro Presto, but runs off before Rayman can actually do anything. Mr. Sax is not fought in a formal boss fight until Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo. After beating the first area here Mr. Sax confronts Rayman proper for the first time, but the fight quickly turns into a chase through Band Land with Mr. Sax trying to crush Rayman. At this point Rayman has a chance to knock the occasional Purple Note into Sax and damage him; damage from this chase results in Mr. Sax starting with a lower health bar in the subsequent fight stage. The notes are the only way to damage Mr. Sax. Once the chase has run its course, Rayman will fall into a pit and confront Mr. Sax in a final battle. Here, Sax will fire both Purple Notes and Bomb Notes; the latter of which explode in mid-air and release Mini-Notes (which cannot be knocked back). Mr. Sax has no other tactics beyond firing these projectiles and jumping across the arena when hit, and his lethargic movements make him a fairly simple boss encounter. After Rayman defeats him, Mr. Sax collapses and then beings dancing deliriously, but he is presumably still considered "defeated". At the Candy Chateau showdown with Mr. Dark, a saxophone is seen painted on a glass window, which represents Mr. Sax being Mr. Dark's minion. When Mr. Dark morphed all of the bosses together, Mr. Sax was merged with Moskito and Space Mama.

Mr Sax's boss fight can be skipped entirely through an easy exploit known as the return signpost exploit. All 6 cages of this area are located in the first level, so all the player has to do is to free all cages, skip checkpoints and then suicide upon freeing the last electoon cage. This will spawn Rayman at the beginning of the level and then the return signpost will take Rayman back to the world map with all 6 cages completed. The level itself has been designed by the developers to prevent players from going all the way back to the start once the final cage has been found, making the inclusion of the return signpost in this level a significant oversight.