Mr Stone




Summoning Stone Dogs
Giant falling rocks
Throwing rocks
Spark attacks: Chest Spark, Ground Spark


Blue Mountains:
2nd level of Twilight Gulch
Final level of Mr Stone's Peaks


Boss Enemy



Mr. Stone is the fourth boss encountered in the original Rayman game; Rayman faces off against him after completing all levels in the Blue Mountains area. Mr. Stone is a huge monster composed of (as his name states) rock, in similar fashion to the less threatening enemies found throughout his domain. Stone's tactics are also similar to those of his underlings, but far more powerful (such as summoning titanic boulders rather than mere rocks) and is quite agile despite his size and implied weight. He also seems to have a temper.

Mr Stone Chasing Rayman

Mr Stone pursues Rayman in Twilight Gulch

Before he is officially encountered as a boss, he appears in an earlier level to chase Rayman when he trespasses in his home. To defeat him Rayman must use a nearby rock totem to smash Mr. Stone in the head; this is the only way to inflict damage upon him, since any attacks Rayman tries are merely shrugged off. The one exception to this is when Mr. Stone forms a large boulder in his hand to use as a weapon, striking him at that point will actually cause him to drop the boulder harmlessly (thereby allowing Rayman to use it as a platform to hit the totem and deal damage to Mr. Stone). This does not reduce Stone's hitpoints, however. When defeated, Mr. Stone's head falls off and the totem's head replaces it, to comic effect.

In the Candy Chateau showdown, he is fused with Mr. Skops. To defeat him in this battle, Rayman must punch him in the face while he doesn't have his claw.