The Photographer is a character from Rayman, acting as a checkpoint. The Photographer is in almost every level, waiting in places after hard obstacles to help Rayman. He is always seen with a small board representing a man flexing his muscles. There is a hole at the very top where Rayman sticks his head. After the Photographer snaps the picture, the player's game is saved. If Rayman dies on any upcoming parts before the end of the level, he will reappear at the last place his picture was taken.

The Photographer's face is never seen, so it is unknown if he is one of the Raypeople. However, in Rayman Origins, he is finally revealed to be a Teensie (although this Photographer may be a different character), though he seems to be slightly thinner than a regular Teensie. He does not appear in the final version of the game, however. He does appear in one of the trailers where he is taking a picture of Rayman and Globox with a photo-board representing an armored woman and a skinny loincloth.