Polokus, the Bubble Dreamer, lounging in the Main Gallery in Rayman Legends

Polokus (also known as The Bubble Dreamer) is the spirit and supreme creator of the world, including all its marvelous creatures.


In Rayman 2

In this game, Polokus appears as a creature of short stature. Wearing pants and a top hat. He also has really long arms that extends almost twice his own height and large feet.

In Rayman Origins onward

As of Rayman Origins, he appears to resemble a large pale-skinned elderly Glute, with orange hair tied into a small ponytail and a very long orange beard. He no longer wears clothing and instead the only items he has on his person is a small red parasol and a pair of round black sunglasses.


While originally depicted as focused on his duties and existing outside the world during the earlier games, Rayman Origins shows him as now being a more social and carefree deity who does not stay in his sacred realm, preferring to live amongst his creations which he cares about dearly and enjoys having fun with.

He has pretty much become a hedonist who enjoys simply laying about, having fun with his creations and indulging in the funner and more relaxing things in life while he dreams up new creations. This behavior has even filtered down to his creations, who have also become more easygoing, fun-loving and silly.

While his dreams can bring forth beauty and happiness, his nightmares can create evil and darkness which can bring chaos to his world and even corrupt his creations if strong enough.



According to the lore, Polokus was brought into being by the combined willpower of the Lums, and his power was such that even his smallest thoughts become reality, being responsible for the creation of all the creatures of the world. His first creations were the Nymphs, who became his most beloved creations. Unfortunately, his nightmares became reality as well, creating many vicious monsters.

Once Polokus had created the world, he departed to a sacred place where gods dream up the future, but not before splitting his power up into four masks and instructing the fairies to call back him should something go wrong by reuniting them.

Rayman 2

In Rayman 2, when the Robot Pirates began their conquest of the world, Ly saw fit to send Rayman on a quest to collect the masks and recall Polokus. After doing so, Polokus was able to rid the planet of the robot scourge, but since his power came directly from the Lums which it was made of, he was unable to do anything against the pirate ships high in the sky, leaving Rayman to deal with them.

Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins, Polokus, now simply referred to as "The Bubble Dreamer" resides among his creations in the Glade of Dreams and has taken up an easygoing and hedonistic lifestyle. He attempted to fight alongside Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies when their snoozing stirred the Livid Dead into attacking, only for all of them to end up being imprisoned, with Polokus being rendered insane for much of the game as a result and needing a lot of Electoons to fix him.

Rayman Legends

In Rayman Legends, the Bubble Dreamer weaved a story of how Rayman and the crew slept for one hundred years, and in that time, nightmares began to multiply and diversify, and The Magician becoming the 5 Dark Teensies, and prompted Murfy to wake the heroes up. He can be seen in the Main Gallery, offering advise to those who jump in front of him.



  • Jano, the first Nightmare that Polokus supposedly had, may actually have been a sort of negative form that Polokus may have unintentionally assumed, thus causing havoc and Jano spawning hundreds of Anti-Toons before Polokus assumed control of this nightmare, and set him the job of guarding The Cave of Bad Dreams where most of the Nightmares of Polokus now reside in eternal imprisonment.
  • In the 'Riding the Storm' level of Rayman Origins, after saving the four kings (Daisy, Bird King, Al Inferno, Murray), Polokus is mentioned when the fairies are powering the portal to the Dream Realm. This is the only time in the game the Bubble Dreamer's real name is stated.
  • Polokus has the same hat as Jano. It is known that Jano was created when Polokus first had his bad dream, so maybe their hats show that they are both in the same/similar form. 
  • The only four beings that Polokus didn't create are Rayman, Dark Rayman, the Reflux clone from Rayman Hoodlum's revenge and the Lums.