Rayman's Homeworld is where the whole game of Rayman 1 takes place.


There are a total of six lands to explore. All these lands are very unique and some even have some inhabitants. The lands are:

Raypeople, Allies, and Creatures

Every once and a while, Rayman will meet some of his own kind, the Raypeople, some other helpful allies, or just creautures in the background.

The Dream Forest: The Swamps of Forgetfulness - Tarayzan

Band Land: Allegro Presto - Shrink Fairy

Blue Mountains: Mr. Stone's Peaks - The Musician, Short Rayperson, Tall Rayperson, and 4 birds.

Picture City Space Mama's Crater - Shrink Fairy

The Caves of Skops: Eat at Joe's - Joe, and Firefly

Everywhere: Betilla, besides Picture City, and she's also held captive at Candy Chateau The Magician except for Candy Chateau, Photographer, and the Electoons, who also save Rayman at Candy Chateau.