Rayman sneaks in on the robots.

Rayman 2 was initially intended to be a 2D game and would expand directly on the aesthetics and gameplay of Rayman. This version of the game was intended to be released for the Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and Personal Computer.[1]

A playable level level of this prototype is available in Rayman 2:The Great Escape for the Playstation 1.[2]


No official story has been mentioned directly by Ubisoft, though magazines mention that the limbless robot enemies are invaders from space and wish to cover Rayman's world with metal.[3]

The robots' leader is a purple robot known only as "Chief" to fans[4], he has shape resembling a muscular male with wide shoulders, a single visor-like eye and is always seen with a cigar.


An important gimmick in this game was that Rayman and enemies could travel between the foreground and background. Rayman achieved this by using teleporters, while enemies would jump between the planes or shoot Rayman from both the background and foreground.

Gameplay would include Rayman's fist ability, ring grab, hover and grimace, and presumably the ability to run, though Rayman does not start with this.

New mechanics include timid platforms, which would shy away from Rayman and would need to be tethered with Raymans fist ability, these could also be pulled into position. Rayman could also use a canon to shoot cannonballs into the background and in the playable demo, Rayman uses this canon to shoot cannonballs onto a sticky wall, which he can then climb up.

Floating mines would need to be avoided or pushed, and could be used to destroy path entrances.


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