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Rayman Advance

Rayman Advance boxart

Rayman Advance is a GBA game. It is a port of Rayman with some minor changes.


The plot is the same as in Rayman. The evil Mr. Dark has stolen the Great Protoon, kidnapped all of the Electoons, and defeated Betilla. Rayman has to travel through five worlds before finally meeting up with Mr. Dark and defeating him.

Changes from Rayman

  • The music was altered to fit the Game Boy Advance style. The "level complete" music is also absent from the game, left with nothing but Rayman doing his victory pose with the "yeah!" exclamation.
  • Many in-game cheat codes have been added that were absent from the original game. The player can press a certain combination of buttons at the right time in order to achieve a specific goal in the game, such as unlocking all of the Electoons in a level or gaining 99 lives.
  • There is no way to change the controls because it's a Game Boy Advance Version, not a computer version.
  • On the map screen, the floating present is removed.
  • The second last level of Moskito's nest has been redesigned as in the PC version
  • The first level of Bongo Hills has been removed
  • The second level of Space Mama´s Crater has been simplified by adding a lot more solid ground