Rayman Arena

American boxart for Rayman Arena

Rayman Arena (also sold as Rayman M) is a multiplayer game of the Rayman series. The game starts out with everyone from Rayman 2 getting along, but then just suddenly start fighting. This game differs from version to version. The game includes many characters, assets and elements from Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

Release date: 30th November 2001


Rayman M box art.



  • Rayman - The main protagonist of the Rayman series.
  • Globox - A large blue glute and Rayman's best friend.
  • The Teensies - Two Teensies; one runs and one rides on the runner's shoulders.
  • Admiral Razorbeard - The main antagonist of Rayman 2 and leader of the robot-pirate army.
  • Henchman 800 - One of Razorbeard's robot-pirate servants.
  • Tily - A small fairy girl who bares a resembalence to Ly. UNLOCKABLE
  • Henchman 1000 - An older model of the robot-pirates. UNLOCKABLE
  • Razorwife - Razorbeard's wife who is said to be even more bossy and controlling than he is. UNLOCKABLE
  • Dark Globox - Globox's evil counterpart. UNLOCKABLE Only on Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox.
  • Globette - Globox's friend, bares a close resembalence to Uglette. UNLOCKABLE Only in Rayman Rush.
  • Dark Rayman - Rayman's evil counterpart. He is an unlockable skin for Rayman. UNLOCKABLE Only on Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox.
  • Ly - Deleted avatar replaced by Tily. Was a deuteragonist in Rayman 2.


The game had two modes: Racing and Battling.


In Racing, the player must beat their opponent to the finish line, or beat the clock. There is a sub-mode called Lums Race where you must collect all the Lums and beat your opponent in order to win the race. This is not in the Gamecube version.


In Battling, you could play Capture the Fly, where the point was to keep the large Lum behind you, Lum Capture, where you must collect as many Lums as possible, or Battle, where the player must battle on various stages using weapons. Capture the Fly is absent from the Gamecube version.


Each character seems to have an unlockable counterpart.

  • Rayman: Dark Rayman (Tily in Rayman Rush)
  • Globox: Dark Globox (Globette in Rayman Rush)
  • Teensies: Tily
  • Admiral Razorbeard: Razorwife
  • Henchmen 800: Henchmen 1000

Voice Cast

  • Eddie Crew as Voice Director
  • David Gasman as Rayman, Dark Rayman (Mac OS X/Xbox/Gamecube version)
  • Cindy Lee Delong as Teensie 1
  • Jodi Forrest as Tily, Razorwife
  • Martial Le Minoux as Henchman 1000
  • Joseph Sheridan as Globox, Henchman 800, Dark Globox (Xbox/Gamecube version)
  • Ken Starcevic as Razorbeard, Teensie 2
  • Billy West as Murfy

Rayman Rush

Rayman Rush

The box art for Rayman Rush.

Rayman Rush is an on-foot racing game developed and published by Ubisoft, based on the Rayman universe. In many ways, it is a port of the "Racing" section of Rayman Arena/M, featuring conversions of eleven race tracks, a slightly edited introduction movie and character theme songs However, it lacks the battles from its predecessors. It is a 1-2 player game, and each race has 2 characters running (1 in certain game modes). The game was released 4 months after Rayman Arena/M.

J.M. Murphy Segments

Murfy appears in the Nintendo Gamecube version before each race or battle. He trespasses in a training room to explain the premise of the challenge, and eavesdrop on the competitors. After being discovered he is locked in and beaten by the characters in that room. He is referred to as J.M. Murphy.


  • This was the first Rayman game with multiplayer functionality.
  • The game was originally called Rayman M, however this was dropped in the American version as many people thought the M stood for Mature. It was, however, still released as Rayman M in every country except the USA, France, and Spain.
  • Many characters in this game were not in any previous titles and have not appeared in any game since.
  • A sequel, Rayman Arena 2, has been rumored but has not been confirmed.
  • There is a total of 11 avatars, (13 if you count the deleted Ly and the teensies as separate, see above.)