The four main Teensies from Rayman 2

The Teensies (singular Teensie or Teensy) are a magical race of ancient, diminutive and wise creatures, created by Polokus to watch over the secret ways of the Glade of Dreams. They are frequently encountered throughout the Rayman series, starting with Rayman 2.


Teensies have pale blue-grey skin and are characterized by their faces, which generally appear quite large due to their long, drooping noses, which overlap their hidden mouths. Their noses are marked with elegant spiral patterns which are slightly darker that the rest of their skin, though these markings are only vaguely noticeable until Rayman M. Teensies have little, black, beady eyes and small, mitten-like hands that lack any fingers other than thumbs (except for Rayman 3, Rayman Origins, and Rayman Legends, in which they do have fingers). They are short compared to most of the Glade's inhabitants; to compensate for this, the Teensies in Rayman M stand, one on top of the other's shoulder.

The Teensies were created by Polokus to oversee the many passages of the world. After the fairies, they were the second race to be created, and as such are among the most ancient inhabitants of the world. Long before the events of the Rayman games, the Teensies created the Hall of Doors, a magic place where all paths eventually meet. Most, if not all Teensies have the ability to create Spiral Doors; these portals can quickly take a Teensie (or other character, such as Rayman) from one location to one another. The Teensies can harness the power of Yellow Lums collected by Rayman to create Spiral Doors or open sealed doors that lead Rayman to the Sanctuaries.

The many Teensies are collectively ruled by the four Grand Minimus Teensies, who reside deep within the Fairy Council, near the Heart of the World.

The Teensie race is a diverse one, and the personality and dialect of a Teensie widely depends on where it comes from. In general, many Teensies are talkative and fun-loving creatures who have a taste for disco. Many Teensies are very old, absent-minded and forgetful; when the Grand Minimus was locked in a cage with three other Teensies, they eventually forgot which one of them was King, and were forced to rule together to overcome this problem. The older Teensies spend their spare time performing acrobatic dance moves, in order to make the younger, less-experienced Teensies envious.

Teensies were originally planned to appear in Rayman Raving Rabbids; they appeared in some early screenshots and the first teaser trailer. However, when the game was being remodelled into a party game, the Teensies were cut.

In Rayman 2

Polokus then created the Teensies. Their role is to unveil all the roads in the world. They know every secret passage and can lead you to the Hall of Doors, where all paths eventually come together. —The Knowledge of the World, Rayman 2

Despite their bizarre appearance and behaviour, the Teensies are old and wise. According to legend, they are the sons of Polokus and the muse of the poets. This woman of infinite beauty was so ashamed of her descendants that she left and hid in the forest, to Polokus's great regret... —Official description, Rayman 2 : The Great Escape : Le Guide Officiel

In Rayman M/Rayman Arena

While these decrepit beings are senile to the point of having forgotten who is leader, they get along just fine when it comes to taking action and winning by whatever means necessary. —Manual, Rayman M

In Rayman 3

In Rayman 3, most Teensies have taken the role previously held by Electoons in the original Rayman game and Denys, Ludivs, Greenbottles, etc. in the many versions of Rayman 2. Though a few Teensies such as the Grand Minimus and the Teensie Doctors have a role in the game's plot and are found elsewhere, most Teensies are found by destroying a cage. If Rayman destroys enough cages in a world, his HP Bar will increase its maximum capacity.

In Rayman Origins

Teensies take a major role in the game Rayman Origins. There Teensies join Rayman as playable characters, though players can only choose two of them from the beginning of the game (Green Teensie and Goth Teensie), as the others can be unlocked after collecting a certain amount of Electoons. While there are only 3 playable members of Globox's species and 3 playable members of Rayman's species, Teensies seem to be the majority with 11 playable characters.

Unlike the Red Wizards, whose devotion to the Bubble Dreamer is exaggerated, the Teensies coexist with him in a more fraternal and casual way, as at the beginning of the story, Rayman, Globox, the Grand Minimus and the Goth Teensie can be seen taking a nap at the Snoring Tree with the Bubble Dreamer. The big noses of the Teensies are revealed to have a real purpose; as the Bubble Dreamer has certain appreciation for the music created with snores, he decided to create the Teensies with big nostrils, not only to perceive the harmony of the magic, but also to perform schnoz-ballads to entertain him.

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