The four main Teensies from Rayman 2

The Teensies, singular teensy, are a race of short, long-nosed beings that often help out Rayman on his adventures. They seem to have many Kings and Queens such as Grand Minimus, Teensy Queen, and The First King.

In Rayman 2, teensies are described as old, wise and absent-minded[1], though young teensies have appeared since then.

Teensies are quite musical people. The Rayman 2 manual describes them as loving to dance, while the Hoodlum's Revenge manual describes them as usually partying. Their magic is also music and dance related, using dance to open portals. A teensie also uses music and dance to hypnotize Rayman and his friends.

They have been shown in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends to be able to use offensive magic. However, it is unknown if all Teensies can do so.

According to the Rayman Origins official website, a teensy's large nose gives them an extremly keen ability to smell magic, as well as a tendancy to snore.


Teensies are very short in comparison to the other inhabitants of Polokus's world, about half the height of the other creatures. They have cyan skin and very large noses that hide their mouths. Their arms end in fingerless mitten-like hands while their legs are very short and small.

Until Rayman Origins, the Teensies take on a whole new appearance. Their eyes have changed, one big and one small. They have multiple costumes to unlock in Rayman Origins, and have longer noses as use of Schnozz-ballads in the opening cutscene of the 3DS, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions of Rayman Origins.


Many teensies reside at the Heart of the World, usually partying to disco music. In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc it is revealed that there are many different kinds of teensies living around the world.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

The Teensies made their debut in Rayman 2. Four of them are rescued by Rayman at the end of the first level, and helped Rayman by opening up for him the Hall of Doors, which allows anyone to access different parts of the universe with just a few footsteps. They are also constantly fighting over the title of "King Teensie".

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

In Rayman 3, The Teensies take on a whole new image. Some of them are seen as mountain climbers, called Tufkins, some as shepherds, called Sylkins, some as ghosts, known as Griskins, and even some as Native Americans called Nookins. When Rayman and Globox make their way to the Heart of the World (which André is trying to destroy), the Teensies are there waiting for them. During the rest of the story, they are trapped in many cages, which Rayman must free them from to earn pickups and more health. A Teensie is seen dancing during the credits. Whenever one is freed from a cage, he or she makes some random excuse to leave, such as "I have to go invent chocolate toothpaste" or "I have to go give my auntie a spongebath". They often say very humorous or strange things; one Ghost Teensie in the Land of the Livid Dead stating that he has to "walk his flowers and water his dog".


"I have to walk my flowers and water my dog".

Rayman Arena

Two Teensies are a playable characters in Rayman M/Arena. They are voiced by Cindy Lee Delong and Ken Starcevic and when they win a race or battle they fight each other.

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins teensie3tcm2818304

Two Teensies from Rayman Origins.

Teensies are playable characters in Rayman Origins. In addition to two starting costumes, the player can unlock additional ones for a certain amount of Electoons. Here and in its sequel, the singular version of "Teensies" is "Teensy".

Rayman Legends


In Rayman Legends, you free imprisoned Teensies as the main objective, replacing the Electoons from Rayman Origins. There are either 3 or 10 in each level, totaling up to 700 Teensies. There are King Teensies and Queen Teensies (one of each in all levels), normal Teensies (8 in total for most levels), and Jester Teensies, which appear with the King and Queen Teensies during stages offering only 3 Teensies. A few Teensies can also be collected from Lucky Tickets.

The main conflict of the game is The Magician managing to become 5 Dark Teensies when the nightmares began to multiply and diversify. At the end of the boss fights, players can send the Dark Teensies into a moon in a flying pig constellation, where they are punished by imp-like aliens to be their instruments with their tridents.

Like in Rayman Origins, the singular variation of "Teensies" is spelled "Teensy"


  • The word "teensy" is used to describe a thing that's small, as in "a teensy-weensy bit."
  • Teensies in Rayman Origins are only playable if you either have a PS3, Wii or Xbox version, and do not appear in the 3DS version.
  • Rayman Legends has the most Teensies seen at about 730 Teensies.


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