Hello! I'm Chompy-King! A fan of Rayman and his games!

Today I have a theory to share with you...

What is Rayman Legends is just a play, specifically a musical?

Now think about it.

In the game, the HUB always looks like you are in circus tent or backstage of a theator, and notice how there are curtains everywhere. Stage curtains, perhaps?

Also, notice the countless numbers of costumes you can put on the characters. Different costumes for different scenes of the play?

Notice how the bad guys are Teensies, who are usually friends of Rayman's. This could mean they are actors.

The musical levels could be performances during the play.

Now, lets get into how some events could happen in the play:

The Dragon:

Simply an Animatronic, or a suit.


Could possibly be ropes and harnesses from the ceiling holding up the character.


Special effects. 

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