Now, this may not be true, I don't believe it's true, but there is some evidence. What if "raymans world" or "the glade of dreams" or whatever you wanna call it, is actually a spirit world, for those who have died. Let's think about it, even though we know why they made rayman limbless, it's because the system it was being developed or played on cannot take a whole charater. So they got rid of the limbs, but what about in the story? The nymphs couldn't forget about giving there hero limbs, and what about Ageing? He's 120 years old now and he still looks like he's 12, what if (just put on your tin foil hats) he and his friends are actually dead. I've come up with some causes of death for each character (not everyone, but most characters)

Rayman was a boy named jimmy,he usually made up stories were he would save a magical world from a evil villain. One day, he went missing. They looked for weeks trying to find him, when they found him, he was dead, whoever or whatever killed him ripped his limbs off.

Barbara was a college student, who lived a pretty normal life, one day, on Halloween, her and her friends went out trick or treating (even though her friend Betilla, said they were a bit too old.) when they were crossing the street, barbara was hit by a car, the driver drunkly hit her, she died of the damage the car caused. Betilla went into a depression and commided suiside a few weeks later.

Globox was a normal frog, he mated alot and had alot of kids, he lived very long, he died of normal frog stuff, like getting eaten of old age.

Teensies and electoons are protectors of the glade of dreams. They protect the spirits of the dead. And thats why they are usally getting captured.

And thats all i theorized, if you want to comment something, you can, you can disprove this theory, you can be upset about my bad grammar, or you can just spam stuff. Thanks for reading!

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