Yellow Lum

A Yellow Lum in Rayman 2

Yellow Lums are one of the four original swinging Lums which make up the universe. Specifically, the 1,000 Yellow Lums are the fragments of the "Heart of the World" which was broken apart by the Robo-Pirates in Rayman 2. They contain universal knowledge and grant some of this knowledge to Rayman as he collects them. The more he collects, the more secrets he can learn about the origin of the world. Yellow Lums are also used to unlock secret stages in the Hall of Doors. Rayman can also find "Super Yellow Lums" in certain hard-to-reach places, which have big smiley faces and count as five Yellow Lums each. On Lums mode in Rayman Arena, you have to get the number of lums, along with being in first place, to win the race. Only one opponent will race you in this level. This is only for the PC and PS2 versions. Other versions, however, replace this with a Time Attack mode.

In Other Games

They reappear in Hoodlum's Revenge as collectibles and score-boosters.


Yellow Lums in Rayman Origins.

In Rayman Origins, players can collect Lums, and if enough are collected at the end of the level, players can get 2 Electoons and a Gold Ribbon from The Magician, the latter being a more cosmetic reward and only worth anything for completionists. When players collect a King Lum, they can temporarily turn all normal Lums into Red Lums, doubling their worth for as long as the Lums sing their little song.

In Rayman Legends, players collect Lums once again, where they give players Lum collecting trophies, from Bronze to gold, at the end of a level, as well as a Lucky Ticket. This time however, the game saves all collected Lums into a bank-like counter once the level is cleared. Players can unlock new costumes in the Heroes Gallery by collecting thousands upon thousands of Yellow Lums. Players can gain more Lums by growing in Levels of Awesomeness to recieve bonuses from reaching new levels in Awesomeness, as well as clearing the Living Dead Party Gallery, scratching Lucky Tickets, collecting Creatures, and clearing Challenges.


The Yellow Lum's original form looks like the true form of Ciela, from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. In Origins and Legends, they gained legs, uneven eyes, as well as arms and legs.


  • Razorbeard apparently ate one of the 1,000 Yellow Lums in Rayman 2, reducing the total number to 999, but there is a secret 1,000th Lum which is obtainable in the game, which, although your count will not exceed 999, will replenish your health bar when found. In the Tomb of the Ancients, in the area at the end of the first stage of the level where the barrels have been risen up, there is a crevice on the far wall, to the left of the large cobweb, which can be flown to by jumping down from the upper area, leading to a room with a small pool and a thick pink fog. Defeat the pirates and make it across the lake to reach the Lum.
  • In certain remakes of Rayman 2, Super Yellow Lums are sometimes mistaken for Orange Lums.